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Taiwan mark enterprise co., LTD1982Years was established,Is a professional manufacturing push button switch、The power switch、The terminal station、Circuit breakers,And other low-voltage electrical equipment manufacturers。The company has been in its high-quality products and perfect serviceMACKBrand it has obtained high reputation in the world of peers,Become a well-known brands at home and abroad。

In line with the principle provides the high quality for the market,2005In zhangzhou development zone was established in zhangzhou mark electrical technology co., LTD,2011Founded in zhangzhou mark electric appliance co., LTD。

Products are key components using combination of one-stop production installation,Ensure the product quality。Product range of low voltage electrical switch control instructions、Push button switch、Signals、The terminal station、Isolating switch、Miniature circuit breakers、Leakage protection safety switch------。

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